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What is it?
The Gympie Pyramid is a terraced hill on the outskirts of Gympie in South East Queensland. It purportedly had stone structures on it, built before modern European settlement.  It has been shrouded in mystery and controversy ever since.

Who built it?
To this day, nobody really knows. There have been many theories, from Phoenicians to the Spanish, and from Aliens to modern Italian Winemakers.
An in depth look at all facets of this intriguing story is available on Brett Green's CD e-book: "The Gympie Pyramid Mysteries".  (see the CD link at left)  Hopefully, our ongoing research might just determine the answer to this perplexing question....

What is happening with it?

In May 2005 the property on which the Gympie Pyramid is situated, was purchased by a friend of the Dhamurian Society, with the purpose of investigating this enigmatic site fully.
The area will undergo thorough testing using various methods. The Dhamurian Society currently has among it's members and associates, Geologists, Archaeologists, Geo-Physicists and many talented researchers.  It is hoped that an in depth investigation will shed some light on this mysterious site, and perhaps give some answers to the questions of who built it and why.

We must emphasise that this is private property and is NOT open to the public at this time, however bonafide researchers are welcome to contact us to discuss our progress.

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