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Local author Brett Green has studied the enigma that is the Gympie Pyramid for years.
He has recently released a CD E-Book with all of the features of a classical "whodunnit".
He was also instrumental in aiding the purchase of the site for ongoing research.

This CD contains all of the currently known information about the Gympie Pyramid.
Brett has also included many facts about early mariners, possible visitors to our shores prior to the "discovery" of Australia by Cook. 

You will be taken on a magical journey of discovery, from the high seas, to the Australian bush, and may form your own opinions as to what, who and why..... 
Will you be right?  
Only further research will tell.

This CD is in PDF format and is fully searchable.   

(a portion of the price will go to fund ongoing research)

The Gympie Pyramid Mysteries
Facts, Fictions, Fables and Fantasies

Researched, Compiled and Written by

Brett J. Green

Purchase your copy  online here 

Visit Brett's Website here

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