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Members of the Dhamurian Society contacted Ken Blakemore, owner of the Gympie Pyramid Site in the 1970s and arranged an interview.
Ken confirmed the stories of the engraved stone tablets. He reported that there was one with an animal head, possibly a dog, and one with a sunrise symbol.  He said that the stone tablets were stolen around the time that a certain person announced to the world that he had found "Australia's Lost Pyramid."
He also sketched the layout of the hill and the extent of the stone walls during the time he owned it.  He had paced out one section of wall at the time, and it measured over 500 yards!

Ken was also present during the discovery of "The Gympie Ape" and advised us of the exact location where it was discovered on Dal Berry's farm across the road.

Ken offered to show us in person, the original location of the stone tablets, and the site of a mysterious "inlaid flat stone circle" some 30 feet in diameter.

We met Ken on site the following day, and he showed us  where the stone walls originally extended to. Many have disappeared with the clearing of the different blocks that made up Ken's property, and a large amount destroyed when the railway was cut through. 
We did discover some stone wall remnants nearly 2 blocks north, close to the site of the mysterious "circle".  The circle itself, had been mostly destroyed, with the rocks removed and re used as edging around the gardens on that, now separate, property. We did discover a small portion of the circle, covered with the remains of a fire.
He showed us where he had fenced off a track across the ridge to get his cattle to paddocks beyond. This track passed near two "standing stones" which in the 70's were almost 4 feet tall, and a man could just squeeze between them. They were now almost covered with soil and barely 6 inches apart.

Ken confirmed that in the 1970s the walls were much higher, and that they now appeared as if many of the top levels of masonry had been "tumbled down" by the expanding tree roots. He also confirmed that all of the walls on the eastern side of the ridge were now all gone.  No tunnels or pits existed on the site when Ken owned it.

We would like to thank Ken for this valuable information, and his time and energy in guiding us over the GP of  the 1970s.

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