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The Big Dig

On tuesday March 27th, we held the "Big Dig".

Volunteers came from Canberra, Nambour, Nanango, Brisbane, Buderim, Tin Can Bay, Cooroy, and of course, Gympie  to be part of an urgent dig to discover evidence before the site is destroyed for a highway bypass.

Local "unbiased" newspapers sent reporters as did channel 7, giving great media coverage to this effort.

The owner organised a bobcat for the day, and although some might think this a bit extreme, it certainly saved a lot of back breaking manual digging, and a lot of time.

Many thanks to all of those who attended on the day, and to Brett the bobcat driver for his expertise and careful clearing.


click a pic for a larger image

001.jpg (54677 bytes) 002.jpg (60373 bytes)
Lets Dig ! Brett and Brett
003.jpg (48943 bytes) 004.jpg (41537 bytes)
Poor Soil Sandy clay and sandstone
005.jpg (58847 bytes) 008.jpg (50768 bytes)
Down deep Lower terrace
010.jpg (69348 bytes) 013.jpg (54704 bytes)
Very sandy Is this a tunnel?
026.jpg (52916 bytes) 019.jpg (59717 bytes)
Extremely sandy... Digging among the boulders
032.jpg (61074 bytes) 035.jpg (59348 bytes)
Squared stone Cleared section
022.jpg (64673 bytes) 031.jpg (53547 bytes)
Worked Stone? Another Worked Stone?
020.jpg (56295 bytes) 023.jpg (58519 bytes)
more digging the bobcat sure cleared some area
036.jpg (53581 bytes) 028.jpg (64299 bytes)
Another cleared section Too big for the bobcat
More BIG DIG Photos:


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